Are you concerned about our nation’s future? Do you believe Congress is more interested in special interest groups than they are in this nation’s financial health? Are you fed up with the propaganda the liberal media is shoving down our throats? Did you know that for the past 100 years the progressives have been actively participating in information warfare against the Constitution and America with virtually no resistance?

Right now, we Americans don’t have adequate capacity for getting our messages out to the public.  Additionally, we rely too heavily on outdated tactics that repeatedly fail in the face of such a powerful opposition.  We find the American movement today to be ill equipped to engage in this information warfare. Conservatives have invested nearly all of their time and money in candidates and policies, while naively thinking that unorganized rational discourse will save the day despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary.  Very little has been done to build the communication infrastructure we need for the 21st century. Such an infrastructure would be capable of counter-attacking the vast network of think tanks, media outlets, and cultural myths that are moving this country to the brink of destruction.


We need to invest wisely in an infrastructure that is capable of elevating classical American way of life so we dominate public opinion.  We must stop dumping all of our money and time into reactionary campaigns to save conservative policy from the progressive hammer.  We must break out of the election cycle model and construct a communication system that will unite all Americans and lay the ground work for the long haul ahead. Americans across the country need to start being strategically proactive by targeting the source of power our opposition holds.

We have to be smart.  We have to be organized.  We have to be strategic.  Above all we must be United.

Imagine for a minute what this country would be like if all Americans were provided the truth and real facts so they could make up their own minds.  Yes, there would be honest debate, and when someone made a false statement everyone would know it.  Our representatives in congress would once again be spokesmen for the people.  We, the people, would force the federal government to shrink. They would no longer rule the people, for the people would rule the government as our founding fathers intended.  We could keep the money we earn, business would thrive, and everyone could pursue their dream unimpaired by the federal government.  As Jesus said “the truth will set you free” and that statement could never be truer than it is today.

The best thing we can do for America is band together and build a coalition of true Americans that reaches, inspires, and connects with people in far more ways than one person ever could.

Now is the time to act.

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