UCAN make a difference

To give the public non-manipulated information and to extend the conservative ideologies is UCAN’s main purpose. In order to fight in this on-going information war with the progressive party, the following campaigns are currently being enforced.

The Delivery and Support system

The ultimate goal of the United Conservative America Network deliver system is to make the conservative point of view very accessible to as many people as possible, by deploying many different types of sites, with varying focuses. These sites will attract a wide range of people looking for information so they can understand what is going on in the world around them and come to their own conclusions. The articles on these sites will be grounded in fact and backed up by other conservative sources within the UCAN network. Also the United Conservative America Network deliver system will automatically distribute the articles created by its member authors to the appropriate sites within the network for the optimum impact.

United Conservative America Network will utilize 6 different types of web sites to accomplish its mission and objectives. We will go into more detail about each type of web sites in the following sections.

  • blog networks                         UCANblog.org
  • community site                        UCANcrowd.com
  • conservative news outlet’s      conservativecaller.com
  • subject matter auto blogs
  • counterpoint web portals