UCAN make a difference

Counterpoint Web Portals

The primary front lines to our network are the “Counterpoint Web Portals” (CPWP). These web sites face off against a particular progressive website and offer a counter view using the network of articles published by the CS to drive their point home. These sites directly compete for the same key words and advertising space, so the progressive message is never just one sided. The CPWP site will look and feel very similar to the site they are attacking so that most people will not know what site they landed on. In-fact the objective of these sites is to blur the lines so the reader starts to support the conservative agenda, thereby becoming a major force in promoting the conservative agenda across this great country. These sites need to have a nonprofit cooperation backing them and each one of them will raise funds through donations to promote their counterpoint. Unlike the SMAB sites, there will be no advertising on these sites. The total focus is to attack the validity of the targeted site. While the parent corporation will be United Conservative America Network or one of its agents there will be no mention of it on these sites.