UCAN make a difference

Are you concerned about the future of America?

We have an opportunity to uplift our ideas into a towering tornado of truth capable of sweeping all before it — elevating conservatism to its rightful dominance and power in the field of public opinion. You ask why this is not already happened, the answer is because we are missing an effective distribution system so our articles get promoted and read by the general public.

UCAN’s “communication system of the 21st century” is a robust three-pronged Information Dissemination System (IDS) capable of:

  1. Enabling the general public to systematically and comprehensively access timely and accurate information any time, day or night.
  2. Creating a Conservative Resource Library to enable authors to easily find videos, books, and audio files, along with written articles that support the conservative movement.
  3. Providing an electronic forum that will enable like-minded people to share ideas in open-format “think tanks,” in order to develop solutions to the nation’s problems, and restore the country to greatness!

Like a riptide, UCAN’s IDS (Information Dissemination System) will create a devastating undertow sucking under the cluttered flotsam of the left’s mis-information media campaign.  This will not merely turn the tide in the information war in our favor, it will eventually overwhelm the opposition, flood their base of support, and glide its political surfers onto high, the high ground of Capitol Hill.

We must pool our resources to create an infrastructure capable of elevating conservative ideas to a place of dominance in public opinion. This is UCAN’s mission.

As authors, we write in order that others might read what we have to say. UCAN Information Dissemination System assists writers in these ways:


When an author writes a book, he or she employs a publisher to distribute his work. When an author writes a syndicated article, he seeks the means to distribute it to news agencies, news portals, and newspapers. In contrast, when a person writes a blog he or she publishes it to his or her own site, and prays that someone will read it.

Recalling that the primary reason for writing an article or blog is to have people read it, UCAN will disseminate the article or blog to many different sites, so many people will be able to find and read the article or blog. UCAN can also help promote each article on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Resource Libraries:

Authors build their credibility based on their writing ability, but also based on good research (and resource material). Articles must be based on research that can be easily referenced be the reader. UCAN will provide the resources that authors need to substantiate their messages in the minds of their readers.


An outstanding communication system must have a dynamic private community where writers post their work to receive feedback from other writers and members before publication. In addition, writers can share ideas and network with one another, start building a fan-base of members, and receive recognition and rewards – including prizes. Members can create Private topical forums where they can debate problems and derive solutions. This all occurs within a validated password-protected environment, ensuring that the rights to each author’s work are fully preserved, while creating a comfortable, professional environment. Members on the site run the spectrum – from beginners to published writers – and come from all parts of the USA.

It is completely and utterly amazing what can occur when you begin holding yourself and others accountable through the power of the written word. Magnificent things begin to happen in a society when we record and publish the unvarnished truth about daily events. The more you write, the more successful you will be at altering the perceptions of those around you.

“UCAN make a difference!” Now is the time to act! Whether you are new to writing, or a published author, UCAN will benefit you. If you are one of the millions of Americans that love to read great articles but do not have the time to write, consider giving a donation to Help drive the conservative point of view into every home in this great nation.

We need every one’s help if we are to save this land we love!

God bless and protect the USA!