UCAN make a difference

The Challenge Ahead

President Abraham Lincoln stated; “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” The fate of the United States of America is in our hands and only we can decide what the future of our blessed country will be.

Right now we need change. Formulate strategies and actions on how we can undo this mind-set we are forced into by the progressive machine. We need to oppose the system we are in so that a better future may face us – a future free from the falsity of people who wants to control us.

For many decades the progressive movement in the United States has been mounting an information war, with little to no opposition from anyone. Today, most of the mainstream media promotes a progressive point of view, especially the Internet.

Progressives have created thousands of web sites all working together in a network. One of their most common and effective methods used for attacking conservative articles and issues on the Internet is misdirection.

  1. First, they publish articles on progressive sponsored fact checking sites that promote the progressive truth and expose the target article as a lie, socially unjust, or harmful to the community
  2. Second, this attack is to promote the articles on these fact check sites by writing comments on the targeted article in as many sites as this article is published on. Then these comments use the progressively sponsored fact check sites as sources to refute the information in the article.
  3. Third is to create new articles in blog sites across America that again use the information in the fact check sites to show how misinformed or outright stupid the conservative point of view is.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and others start to play an unwilling part in this misdirection and deception. By having a lot of people post comments that include the information from the fact-checking site, and the more new articles that are created with the same information referenced, the progressive point of view is effectively launched to the top of the search results.

The result is an American population whose minds are infiltrated with progressive opinions, never getting to hear the conservative point of view. This kind of behavior deprives Americans from being able to receive both points of view by spreading the progressive message on conservative web sites.

How do we oppose this on-going abolition of our country?

Though individual blogs and tea-party sites we are constantly increasing the amount of content on the Internet, but they are not getting picked up by search engines. Additionally, the people and organizations involved do not have the means to purchase advertising to drive people to their sites. Since their blogs are not readily available on search engines, the articles are not being used as source material in other conservative articles.

This is the challenge we would like to focus on today; organizing and deploying an information war on the Internet using all of the tools at our disposal to combat the flow of propaganda the progressives are spewing throughout the Internet, and start to fight this war effectively.

United Conservative America Network, a non profit organization, is spear-heading this challenge. Its mission is to create a grassroots nationwide network of conservative Americans that speak with one voice to promote conservatism in local, state and federal governments, media, education, and society.

Now is the time to act. UCAN make a difference.